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With titles referencing the mythology of ancient Greece like “Ikaros” and “Is Apollo Still Alive?” it might easily be imagined that in the shape of RAVE THE REQVIEM we had added another Hellenic act to our roster alongside CYGNOSIC and TECHNOLORGY – yet RTR is in fact DWA’s first ever signing from Sweden.

Yes, that’s “RTR”, not “ATR” – yet given the venom of the musical maelstrom unleashed on this amazing self-titled debut, and the effortless shifting between extremes of metal and electronica, Atari Teenage Riot might not in itself be a bad point of comparison.

In all the years of seeking out the finest emerging talent to sign to DWA, seldom have any act’s tracks stayed playing on repeat all day at the office like the first songs we discovered online from RAVE THE REQVIEM last year. This handful of tracks, self-released digitally as demos by songwriter Filip Lönnqvist form the core of this full-length self-titled album.

Mixed and mastered in its brutal entirety by Jan L at his X-Fusion Music Production facility in Germany, “Rave The Reqviem” is a devastating debut of incredibly assured and polished songwriting and production skill – a heady and complex cocktail which the band’s own description “industrial metal with modern electronic styles” hardly does justice to.

Ethereal female soprano vocals courtesy of none other than Filip’s mother Carola sail sweetly over the epic choruses of her son’s electro-metal onslaught – providing the perfect musical counterpoint to the carnage of heavy riffs and hard electronics seething beneath the surface.

DWA doesn’t often do what could reasonably be classified as “industrial metal” – so when we do, you can be sure it must be something pretty special. Basically, we haven’t heard music this good in this style since the days of WHITE ZOMBIE or (for those who remember them) fellow Swedes MISERY LOVES CO. – so for those of you with a hankering for those kinds of grooves and super-heavy riffs, imagine a totally contemporary take on that kind of thing and you will be thinking along the right lines.
Already boasting a huge underground following in Russia on the back of the self-released demos last year, RTR’s full debut album seems surely destined for a far wider reaching appreciation from fans across the globe.

13 superb tracks, “Rave The Reqviem” (yes, the name and even every track title is spelled with a V for VERY VIOLENT) is in itself a colossal sounding work.
So who on Earth could we enlist to help create a bonus section for the Limited Edition digipak CD version, one worthy of original material of this quality?
Why fellow Scandinavian Andy LaPlegua of course – who promptly delivered us a COMBICHRIST remix of bone-crushing intensity – Jan L, already behind the mixing desk, who transformed “Exhale” into a NOISUF-X club classic, and ALIEN VAMPIRES…who summon the spirit of mid-90s SCOOTER for a Eurodance workout.
And those are just the names you should probably already be familiar with – closing the CD is another you should probably watch out for…SERAPHIM SYSTEM, out of North Carolina, whose remix completely captures the musical essence of RAVE THE REQVIEM’s own fusion of styles, and belongs among such illustrious company entirely on its own merits.

Coming in 4-panel digipak with artwork graced by the unmistakable hand of DWA’s lead graphic designer Vlad McNeally, the collector’s edition CD version of “Rave The Reqviem” is strictly limited to 300 copies and is released worldwide by DWA on April 11.
Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you RAVE THE REQVIEM - another incredible emerging talent identified and added to the embarrassment of musical riches that is DWA’s artist roster, “a polarized and bittersweet sound where mechanical darkness meets beauty and sentiment.“

Pre-orders of the CD version, including immediate free download of 4 tracks, are available from today at the now long-traditional DWA discounted rate of 20%-OFF until the release date of April 11.
That’s just 10EUR plus shipping for 17 tracks of unbridled brilliance, in collector’s edition digipak format, plus shipping.
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released 11 April 2014

Mixed and mastered by X-Fusion Music Production
(p) + (c) 2014 DWA



all rights reserved


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